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Ephren Taylor Unplugged EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Exclusive interview with ephren taylor with Jubril Agoro


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My Hero’s as Kid…. Michael Jordan ?


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Exclusive Interview with Young Millionaire Jordan Wirsz Pt1

Interview with one americas youngest self made millionaires. n

So What does this Young 25 year old do ?

How does he drive his Bentley GT Around Town ?

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Hark Work


lance working out

lance working out

What is the common factor between Kobe Bryant and Lance Armstrong, Bill Gates, Will Smith, and Leaders in this World ?  Let me start by saying yes they all have good genes,and are talented in fields their Fields.  I am not saying kobe was weakest and smallest kid in school and worked hard and became the greatest player in modern history.   I am not saying Bill Gates was the dumbest kid in school and just tried really hard, and became one of the greatest minds of our time.    I know the tipping point that separates them to succeed a very high level is hard work.


People  don’t see Kobe Bryant in the Gym shooting a 1000 shots a day, don’t see incredible two hours of sprints and suicides , Bench presses and laterial pull downs……      They see the million dollar homes, and flashing cameras and slams dunks, and game winning baskets.

People don’t see mental toughness lance armstrong went through,  they don’t see the Hours Hours of physical punishment he puts his body through.   They didn’t see all the people who didn’t believe in him.  They see glory of the Tour de France wins he has had, not 1 not 2 not 3 mor than he can count on one hand.  

People didn’t see Bill Gates work YEARS and YEARS 7 days a week,  building microsoft. They didn’t see the 16 hour days, they don’t see the lawsuits that were thrown his way.   They don’t see the sleepless nights of being head of a company that employees hundreds, and now thousands of people that making decisions that could puts company at risk for order of growth.  They see the richest man in world,they see “stress free” life and the charity work.   

People don’t see Will putting himself out there and hoping to get a gig in his early days, people don’t see Will going close to bankrupt and stress of having no money after being a millionaire, people don’t see the workouts will smith go through to get ready for a new movie.  People don’t see the constant stress of being in public eye.    People see smiling in the camera and wonderful family, the girls chasing him and the Fame.  

People can achieve amazing things in world, don’t wait for tomorrow start hard work today.

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16 yrs old With Black CARD $$

16 yrs old With Black CARD $$

This video about harrsion and dude is rockstar in his own right. Check him out

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Young Millionaires

chris from the fruit guys

chris from the fruit guys

Every Year Entrepreneur Magazine does a Young Millionaires issue.  This year was no different aged from 28 to 39 years old.  There was incredible story after incredible story.    It started off with Marco Giannini,32  who started dogswell the organic dog food company.  He really had a idea, and ran with it and now he his projeceted 2008 sales are $21 million.   He just launched in 2004.

Next up was Anne  Pawsat-Dressler,28  who started a high eng villa rental service in hawaii.  She went there and felt like it was home had courage and skills to convince owners of million dollar villas to let her rent them out at young age of 24.  Now her business continues to grow.  

Greg selkoe, 33 Started Karmaloop and young people into hip hop/skater/ trendy clothing know karmaloop since its one the leading sellers of hottest clothes you can find around.  He took his passion and turned it into a career.   His customer base is really like a community,and has customer over 2 million.   He projects sales of $40 million in 2008.

David Kim,29    He is harvard student who has developed  a way to really make parents happy and that by having kids score higher on testing.  Its a tutoring program and program gets results, and when people are happy about a product they go and tell people and word of mouth has really helped david achieve viral success.  He is projected to do almost 50 million in 2008.   That is what I call a success story.  Tutoring is daves passion did before starting c2.


Chris Lighty , he done things like hook up rappers, and other artists with major brands.   For example he hooked up 50 cent with vitimin water.

maria peevey ,  She is animal lover, and create fashion for pets in san fran, and yes its a major business.  talking to the tune of 50 million a year in business

chris mittelstaedt, He started the Fruitguys and they deliver fresh fruits to offices all over the place.  It was not smooth rode to the top.  He learned about the business ups and down through the school of hard knocks 

If you want achieve something you don’t have in your life you have to be willing do something you have not done before.


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Followers vs. Leaders, What are you?



This is my first post not in my own my words, but I feel it was really good so sharing was needed.   I read the day G posted, and just lfelt like sharing it now.    Please be assured G chahal is worthy of sharing info.  I came in contact with him not almost a year ago, and been impressed ever since.  We exchange messages from time to time, and really urge you to take this to heart.

Are you a follower or a leader? Or is a better question to ask – have you ever forced yourself to be something you’re not? I’ve actually seen it happen too many times. Many people feel that they need to be a leader. Why? Because of two common needs human nature creates: financial and ego. But, people tend to forget, there is a Plan B.

Many people feel that they have a set financial position they want to attain and the only way to achieve that is by being the head guy in charge. That’s a great strategy – but sometimes if the right knowledge of being a leader hasn’t been instilled yet – it can lead to failure. I still encourage people to strive to achieve this but bear in mind Plan B can achieve a great financial and career outcome as well.

So, what is Plan B? It’s simple. Figure out what your strengths are and stick to them. You don’t have to the best at it either, just better than the next guy.

Let’s take a look at the various successful companies built out over recent years. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, YouTube, and even my two successful startups (ClickAgents & BlueLithium). I can proudly say that I’ve helped create many 6, 7 and even 8 digit-aires. But, to even a greater extent, look at companies like Google/Yahoo/Microsoft. In a recent article I read about Google, about 1000 employees now have a net worth of $5MM or MORE. And that organization excels at maintaining great employees – that strive to come to work every day and make the Company a great success. As Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, you’re only as good as your Army’s strength. And great Companies know how to incentivize their armies to share in that evolving pie.

Financial rewards follow if you make the right decisions on where to exploit your passion and energy. Remember – just keep your ego at bay. Life’s all about execution, making the right choices, and focus…


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