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Ephren Taylor Unplugged EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Exclusive interview with ephren taylor with Jubril Agoro


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My Hero’s as Kid…. Michael Jordan ?


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Exclusive Interview with Young Millionaire Jordan Wirsz Pt1

Interview with one americas youngest self made millionaires. n

So What does this Young 25 year old do ?

How does he drive his Bentley GT Around Town ?

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16 yrs old With Black CARD $$

16 yrs old With Black CARD $$

This video about harrsion and dude is rockstar in his own right. Check him out

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Young Millionaires

chris from the fruit guys

chris from the fruit guys

Every Year Entrepreneur Magazine does a Young Millionaires issue.  This year was no different aged from 28 to 39 years old.  There was incredible story after incredible story.    It started off with Marco Giannini,32  who started dogswell the organic dog food company.  He really had a idea, and ran with it and now he his projeceted 2008 sales are $21 million.   He just launched in 2004.

Next up was Anne  Pawsat-Dressler,28  who started a high eng villa rental service in hawaii.  She went there and felt like it was home had courage and skills to convince owners of million dollar villas to let her rent them out at young age of 24.  Now her business continues to grow.  

Greg selkoe, 33 Started Karmaloop and young people into hip hop/skater/ trendy clothing know karmaloop since its one the leading sellers of hottest clothes you can find around.  He took his passion and turned it into a career.   His customer base is really like a community,and has customer over 2 million.   He projects sales of $40 million in 2008.

David Kim,29    He is harvard student who has developed  a way to really make parents happy and that by having kids score higher on testing.  Its a tutoring program and program gets results, and when people are happy about a product they go and tell people and word of mouth has really helped david achieve viral success.  He is projected to do almost 50 million in 2008.   That is what I call a success story.  Tutoring is daves passion did before starting c2.


Chris Lighty , he done things like hook up rappers, and other artists with major brands.   For example he hooked up 50 cent with vitimin water.

maria peevey ,  She is animal lover, and create fashion for pets in san fran, and yes its a major business.  talking to the tune of 50 million a year in business

chris mittelstaedt, He started the Fruitguys and they deliver fresh fruits to offices all over the place.  It was not smooth rode to the top.  He learned about the business ups and down through the school of hard knocks 

If you want achieve something you don’t have in your life you have to be willing do something you have not done before.


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Livestong Challenge

I did the Livestrong Dare Challenge

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Usain Bolt Fastest Man ALIVE 9.69 100m 19.30 200m



You know the kids that when you went to school with  that just make everything seem so Easy.   Usain Bolt is that kid and talent is just undenabile, and God given genes for track and field can’t be questioned.    The kid started celebrating in the 100m before he even reached the finshline and still broke the world record which he already held.

Now what he will do from here will be a test of how he can challenge his mental mind to take it to another.  Its been shown right now that no human on earth can touch him in a footrace.    I can pretty much guarantee he can win races for quite a time to without even training  that hard.  Hopefully he will really take  his talent to a level that he didn’t know he could go.

With the Last name Bolt how could you not make Headlines

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