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Young Millionaires

chris from the fruit guys

chris from the fruit guys

Every Year Entrepreneur Magazine does a Young Millionaires issue.  This year was no different aged from 28 to 39 years old.  There was incredible story after incredible story.    It started off with Marco Giannini,32  who started dogswell the organic dog food company.  He really had a idea, and ran with it and now he his projeceted 2008 sales are $21 million.   He just launched in 2004.

Next up was Anne  Pawsat-Dressler,28  who started a high eng villa rental service in hawaii.  She went there and felt like it was home had courage and skills to convince owners of million dollar villas to let her rent them out at young age of 24.  Now her business continues to grow.  

Greg selkoe, 33 Started Karmaloop and young people into hip hop/skater/ trendy clothing know karmaloop since its one the leading sellers of hottest clothes you can find around.  He took his passion and turned it into a career.   His customer base is really like a community,and has customer over 2 million.   He projects sales of $40 million in 2008.

David Kim,29    He is harvard student who has developed  a way to really make parents happy and that by having kids score higher on testing.  Its a tutoring program and program gets results, and when people are happy about a product they go and tell people and word of mouth has really helped david achieve viral success.  He is projected to do almost 50 million in 2008.   That is what I call a success story.  Tutoring is daves passion did before starting c2.


Chris Lighty , he done things like hook up rappers, and other artists with major brands.   For example he hooked up 50 cent with vitimin water.

maria peevey ,  She is animal lover, and create fashion for pets in san fran, and yes its a major business.  talking to the tune of 50 million a year in business

chris mittelstaedt, He started the Fruitguys and they deliver fresh fruits to offices all over the place.  It was not smooth rode to the top.  He learned about the business ups and down through the school of hard knocks 

If you want achieve something you don’t have in your life you have to be willing do something you have not done before.



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Mike Vick Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

Mike Vick arguably the Greatest Player to ever Touch a Madden Field “Talking Video Games here”.   He had the world at his palms, the Money, Girls, Big House, First Class Flights to Wherever he wanted, and RESPECT.

The Importance of having the right people around you is Crucial.   He has officially  filed for bankruptcy and less than year and half ago life was all dandy.    When Story first broke of the allegations I was like no way MIKE VICK even he is guilty wouldn’t go to Jail.  I mean look at R kelly.

When people have the wrong people around its ONLY MATTER OF TIME before they sink no Matter Who you are.    There is reason successful people hang with successful people.    There is reason LOSERS hang with Losers.    The reason its so tough for athletes, and movie stars etc to shake bad “Friends”  because they become successful “in the media terms” overnight.    You don’t shake people that hang with you overnight.   People change when money is involved, and never know people truly feel about you to you both broke or both living good.  That is not the case most athletes.         

Going broke is Just new trouble for Vick it seems like the bad blows just can’t stop for him right now.

Its a shame mr Vick has to Learn the hard way about making good Decisions the VERY hard way.

 Here is more detailed story of what it is going on with vick

Vick with his "Dog"

Vick with his "Dog"

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I Stole 450 Million and Faked my Death

Sam Israel III  is hedge fund manager who frauded people who he went into business with.   He was upto sum of about $450 Million.  YES HALF A BILLION !!!!.   Now where I am from when you take  money that deep and you try to disspear you will have a  bounty of your head.  I LIVE IN the burbs lol.   The whole story is just mind boggling to me how someone could pull this off.   I am sure he started off legit and took one wrong turn the money felt good, and he was addicited and couldn’t turn back.   Once he wanted to turn back he was in too deep to turn around.    I would really like talk to guy and find out what his whole thought process was behind the wholething.  I am sure he will be on tv a few years from now talking from prision about why he did and everything.   If you want to get the full details on the story go ahead and google the guy. “Sam Israel III” .   He did end up turning himself in tho

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Ebay Live Chicago 2008

ebay live 08Where Do I start ?

The Conference had a bad energy going into it. 

I walked into the thing open minded, and the whole event for me was pretty good.   The main thing I keep hearing about was feedback.   If you are not familar with ebay feedback effects a lot of things on there.  When you are a powerseller you get discounts on your monthly bill if you have a high level of feedback.

I made it out on friday and saturday


There was good networking going on, and  few Wild people acting up.   I didn’t really feel the energy of normal conference that I would go to.   I really believe if you are starting out it was a great place to start.  A lot the new people attending learned a lot from the events, and seminars they put on.  

Its the people that have been around the block that are really upset over the drastic changes.  All they could say “ebay”  its for greater cause of ebay.   The basically say FU## Sellers and you better BEND and BEND for the Customers.  

Saturday was a much better day .   People were still very upset.    Have every right to be.  I put some videos on youtube .      The Best Group discussion was Powerseller Group

I am gonna write review of seminars I attented little later on.

The Big thing didn’t know Meg whitman stepped down, now dohnue is Ceo.   it was a quiet process.

The one thing I like about execs they not dressed in $10k suits they are dressed in regular polos and everything.

The Closing Gala was a lot of fun for me, most of people I spoke to with one on one, were pretty postive and happy.  


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Don’t Help Someone Dying If you don’t know them, cyclone in myanmar burma





First I want to say I hardly ever watch the news, I always get my news online 99% of the time. There was story that broke here not to long ago that I am sure you have heard of already.  That is the story of Myanmar cyclone, and sure it looks like just another 3rd world natural disaster. 


I know most people will go aww… what a shame think about it for 5 minutes and return to their nice big HDTV, and watch American idol.   We have the luxury of living in great place united states, or for some Canada or England or wherever.


If we were hit with a natural disaster, of something of this magnitude I highly doubt we feel 5 % of the pain that Myanmar will feel after this.  They are going to face LONG TERM food shortages this doesn’t end next or next month for them. We can easily turn a cheek on this “current event” and say well I already have enough problems of my own.  Think about it honestly if you were in the situation of one these people you would pray that someone hears your prayers.


 Now I am not saying pour entire life savings into helping people in Myanmar.   I think a good amount to pledge is 1 hour of your weekly pay check.  Most of you guys work 40 hours plus.  1 hour out of 40 hours is 2.5 % of your weekly pay.  Now even that small amount for some may be too much I know times are rough enough some here in America right now, with credit crunch, and gas prices & everything.  Give what ever you can, and if you feel you can’t afford anything, go ahead and just share this story on MySpace, or facebook or wherever in your email contacts, but just don’t stay silent.


 You think your voice doesn’t matter but it does, when all those voices come together you create a snowball effect.   I am not going to keep people long since I know people are busy, have a great and productive day.  


Today YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE, of someone you don’t even know.   REALLY you could save a life.


There is Google link to donate above and below this article it is secure.


Some facts and quotes about what is happening over there so far


Magnitude: Category 4 Cyclone

Incident: May 3, 2008

Human Cost: 22,464 people killed, 41,000 others missing as of May 6, 2008.

Damage: Unknown number of homes destroyed; at least 650,000 people evacuated

“There is likely going to be incredible shortages in the next 18 to 24 months,” Sean Turnell, an economist specializing in Myanmar at Australia‘s Macquarie University told AP. “Things will be tough.”


Lady talking to reporter


“We found about 40 dead bodies on this way,” the woman said.


Now how many of you have even seen one dead body on the streets?


The United States is pledging a little over 3 million dollars YES the whole United States Government. 



Jubril Agoro

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